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"Муниципальное гетто"

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Для меня это получилась наверное самая непростая фотосерия..."Проявляя" фотографии мне пришлось пережить заново всё... запахи, оттенки, мерцание ламп, голоса людей и звуки капающей с потолков ржавой воды...Бывая в таких местах сознание не способно анализировать происходящее вокруг... все что вокруг-вне времени...Точнее времени здесь нету, есть некие свои координаты измерения жизни, к счастью мне неведомые...Здесь живут годами люди, живут, рожают детей, умирают, пропадают, уходят и возвращаются. Может идти некуда, а может так проще...не потому что нет выхода, а потому что им так легче....ведь так было почти всегда...

наверное самый жестокий мой репортаж...Collapse )

Annesloey Old All Saints CHurch

Annesley Old All Saints Church

Annesley Old Church stands on a mound within the grounds of Annesley Hall, close to the estate wall. Pevsner (1951) said the Old Church was “not a picturesque ruin, just an utterly rejected building”. Half a century later, it is in a sad and ruinous state.

It was the third church to be built in a parish with a long, varied and rich history. The first building was erected in Saxon times, but nothing is known about when it was founded or precisely where it was located. It was replaced by a Norman Church built on the mound in about 1150, then that in turn was superceded by what is now known as Annesley Old Church, completed in 1356.

Following the sinking and development of Annesley Colliery, which began in 1865, an expanding community (New Annesley) became established more than a mile to the east of the Church. Records show the Parish population as 288 in 1861, but by 1871 this had increased to 1202. In response to this, a new church - the present Annesley All Saints - was built at New Annesley and consecrated in 1874.

Annesley Old Church continued to be used on occasion, reportedly until 1942. After that it was not conserved well, and the building deteriorated. Its state is now monitored by the Kirkby and District Conservation Society, which seeks to ensure that the importance of the site continues to be recognised.

Being a Grade I listed building, Annesley Old Church was bought by Ashfield District Council in 1980 and placed in the care of the Kirkby and District Conservation Society to protect it from a demolition order. It survives as a preserved ruin with the ghosts of its past. he building is now cordeoned off from the public.

Storm Troopers V Bobbies

Storm Troopers V Bobbies

Storm Troopers V Bobbies

Nottingham Riverside Festival 2007. A most unusual sight 2 Star Wars Stormtroopers looking as if on patrol watching 2 Nottingham police constables who were on patrol. Both were wearing black & white and helmeted. The police constables were unarmed where the storm troopers were carrying weapons. 2 completely contrasting sets of indiviuals.

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Nottingham has a wonderful Council House its the city hall built in the late 1920's with a mixture of styles. It has 200 feet (61 m) high dome that rises above the city is the centrepiece of the skyline and presides magnificently over the Old Market Square that looks like that of St Pauls in London. In the dome is a 7 tonne bell we call Little John which has the deepest tone in the country and on a good day can be heard up to 7 miles from the city. Its designed in Neo-Baroque style characterised by the huge pillars that circle the building along with the carvings on the facade. The central arcade that was inspired by the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a double arcade in the center of Milan and The Ballroom, is similar in style to one at the Palace of Versailles, with gilt embellished columns and a highly decorated ceiling. The fine parquet sprung floor is made from oak, walnut and ebonized pearwood. French windows lead out onto the famous balcony overlooking the Old Market Square. It is also one of my favourite buildings.
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