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Life in Monochrome

To us, everything is in black and white

Black & White Photography
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All Members , Moderated

Hello and welcome to monochromats. The LJ community dedicated to Black and White Photography!

Ask yourself the following question..

1. Do you enjoy B&W photography?

If you have answered 'yes' to the hardest question we'll ever ask you on this community than this is just right place for you. Moderated closely we intend to create a nice environment where people from all over the globe can post their B&W photos they have taken and discuss B&W photography with others.


1. Post only photography in black and white. Don't burn my eyes with colours.
2. Posts without photographs will be allowed so long as they are still ontopic.
3. Posts with more than two photographs MUST be placed behind an LJ cut (as well as any non-work-safe photos) (Don't know how to do that? CLICK HERE!)
4. Photos placed outside of LJ cuts must be 650 pixels wide or under. If the photograph is larger than this than please place it under a cut.
5. Do not hassle members.
6. Please refrain from swearing in posts and comments.
7. Do not use txt spk.
8. Posting is not compulsory.
9. Introductory posts are not compulsory.
10. Do not advertise other communities.
11. Obey all of the above rules of FACE THE WRATH OF MY ADMIN BANS! .....just kidding.

The rules are simple enough. If you do not abide by them than you be given a warning and if it continues you will be asked to leave. All posts are moderated.

Enjoy yourself here, don't be intimidated by other people & they're photographs - Do post if you want to! ^_^


If you have any comments, suggestions, problems or anything of the like then please do not hesitate to contact me on: privateskylark[at]livejournal.com

Please use this address also if you are interested in your community become one of our affiliates!


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